Staff Restrictions

Court Staff Restrictions

Court staff may not provide help in the following areas:

  • Legal advice - They are there to provide information. Don't be upset if the clerk or clerk's staff tells you that because they are not lawyers, the law prohibits them from advising you. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.
  • Give advice about whether you should file a case or what action should be taken
  • Advise what you should say in court proceedings
  • Complete forms for you or tell you the wording to write on a form
  • Speculate about a decision that the judge might make or what sentence the judge will impose
  • Apply the law or give directions about how to respond in any aspect of the legal process
  • Change an order signed by a judge
  • Allow you to speak with a judge outside of a court proceeding

Please note: The court, including the judge and all staff, must remain impartial. They will not take sides in any matter coming before the court.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the clerk's office at (509) 382-4321.