Public Works

This information is provided as a courtesy, actual documents are on file at the Columbia County Public Works office.

Public Notice

The Columbia County Commissioners invite Columbia County residents to, with approved permit, collect woody debris to be used as fire wood for personal use from the County yard at 120 Eager Road. Fill out the Woody Debris Access Permit and return to 415 N. Guernsey Ave., 7am-4pm, M-Th, or e-mail (If you do not have access to a printer or e-mail, you may get hard copies at 415 N. Guernsey Ave.) A complete, approved permit is required to be on person for access to the site; you will not be granted access if you do not have a permit with you. The site will be open to County residents on Saturdays from 8am-4pm, with access beginning on January 8th and running through February 5th. Depending on availability of attendants, the site may be open or closed more often, so please call the Public Works office at 509.382.2534 from 7am-4pm, M-Th, to confirm accessibility.   *Please note: The Gaines Quarry will be open for firewood collecting this Saturday, January 22. With this notification, the County is notifying the public that the quarry is currently muddy and slick and will continue to be so through this weekend. 

People arriving to collect firewood are responsible for their own vehicles, which includes making sure they are able to operate under their own power and traction. The County will not pull vehicles out of the mud, should they become stuck. If a vehicle becomes stuck and an operator cannot move the vehicle, they will be responsible for securing assistance to free their vehicle. This may require calling a wrecking service to pull the vehicle to a location in which they can secure traction. 

All people at the Gaines Quarry are responsible for removing any mud that they may track onto the asphalt at the quarry and on Eager Road. Should mud be tracked onto the asphalt in the quarry or on Eager Road and not be removed by the offending operator, their permit shall be terminated and access for further wood collection denied. 

Public Works Fee Schedule

2021 Public Works Fee Schedule (PDF)

Small Works & Vendor Roster Information

To be added to our Small Works & Vendor Roster please complete the form at the link below and return to the Public Works Department. Please note: All small works contractors must be aware of Washington State prevailing wage laws.

Small Works & Vendor Roster Application (PDF)
Small Works & Vendor Roster Application Part 2-Required (PDF)
Consultant Roster Request for Statement of Qualifications (PDF)


Right-of-Way Access Conditions (PDF)
Approach Design Standards (PDF)
Approach Permit Application (PDF)
Address Permit Application (PDF)
Address Sign Specifications (PDF)
Special Vehicle Permit Application (PDF)
Utility Permit Application (PDF)
Franchise Agreement Application (PDF)

Columbia County Public Works Organizational Chart

Columbia County Public Works Organizational Chart (PDF)