Code Red Notification System

What is Code Red?

Code Red is a community notification system that allows Columbia County Communications/Public Safety Office or Emergency Management Office to send out important or crucial time-sensitive information that impacts our county.

Subscribers to Code Red receive a phone call or text message or both when there is an emergency that impacts this county and its citizens. Types of incidents that may require the activation of a Code Red message include wildland fires/evacuations, floods, and earthquakes but can also include less emergent information such as heat or air quality advisories.

To subscribe click on the following link to be taken to the Code Red enrollment page on the Columbia County Website

Once you are enrolled your phone number becomes part of the emergency notification database here in our county. Your information is private and will not be shared. Should there be an emergency or a need to notify county citizens with crucial information, you will receive a text and/or a phone call that will contain all of the pertinent information regarding that event.

Code Red is a valuable tool for any community and is just one more way that Public Safety and Emergency Management are working to keep our citizens safe and informed.