Prosecuting Attorney


The Columbia County Prosecuting Attorney's Office represents the state, the county and the city of Dayton in criminal matters in Columbia County District and Superior Courts, Dayton Municipal Court, the state and federal courts of appeal and the Washington and U.S. Supreme Courts. The County Prosecutor is responsible for prosecuting all felonies and misdemeanors in Columbia County, including those committed in Dayton and Starbuck.

The Columbia County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is the County's law firm. It serves as legal counsel to the Columbia County Board of County Commissioners, all County elected officials, independent boards and commissions and some special districts, and the Superior and District Courts. The Office litigates cases on behalf and in defense of its clients, provides legal advice and assistance on all sorts of questions and projects, and issues formal written legal opinions from time to time.

Child Support Enforcement

In 2007, the Columbia County Prosecuting Attorney's Office became an integral part of the federal and state child support system. It establishes paternity for children born out of wedlock, ensures support obligations are enforced, and modifies support amounts when necessary.


The Columbia County Prosecuting Attorney's Office also serves various community needs including crime victim and witness support and services, direction and legal information for needy citizens, participating in the Columbia County Coalition for Youth and Family, speaking to groups and at public events, and providing internship for Dayton High School.