Civil Protection Orders

Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders are to be filed in Superior Court only.  Sexual Assault Protection Orders, Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Anti-harassment Protection Orders, Stalking Protection Orders, and Extreme Risk Protection Orders can be filed in either District or Superior Court.  Extreme Risk Protection Orders will be transferred to Superior Court for the full hearing.  Filings must be transferred to Superior Court when a) a superior court has exercised or is exercising jurisdiction over a proceeding involving the parties; b) the action would have the effect of interfering with a respondent’s care, control or custody of the respondent’s minor child; c) the action would affect the use and enjoyment of real property for which the respondent has a cognizable claim or would exclude a party from a shared dwelling; d) the petitioner, victim, or respondent is under 18 years of age; or e) the district court is unable to verify whether there are potentially conflicting or related order involving the parties as required by RCW 7.105.105 or 7.105.555.

For More Information

If you have any questions about anti-harassment, please refer to the Washington Courts website.