Civil Jurisdictional Boundaries

Civil Actions & Proceedings

If the value of the claim or the amount at issue does not exceed $50,000, exclusive of interest, costs, and attorneys' fees, the District Court shall have jurisdiction and cognizance of the following civil actions and proceedings:

  • Actions arising on contract for the recovery of money
  • Actions for damages for injuries to the person, for taking or detaining personal property, for injuring personal property, for an injury to real property when no issue raised by the answer involves the plaintiff's title to or possession of the same and actions to recover the possession of personal property
  • Action for a penalty
  • Actions upon a bond conditioned for the payment of money, when the amount claimed does not exceed $50,000,the penalty of the bond exceeds that sum, the judgment to be given for the sum actually due, not exceeding the amount claimed in the complaint
  • Actions on an undertaking or surety bond taken by the court
  • Actions for damages for fraud in the sale, purchase, or exchange of personal property
  • Proceedings to take and enter judgment on confession of a defendant
  • Proceedings to issue writs of attachment and garnishment upon goods, chattels, money, and effects
  • All other actions and proceedings of which jurisdiction is specially conferred by statute, when the title to, or right to possession of real property is not involved
  • Actions arising under the provisions of Revised Code of Washington Chapter 19.190

Source: Revised Code of Washington Chapter 3.66.020

Restrictions of Civil Jurisdiction

  • Actions involving title to real property
  • Actions for the foreclosure of a mortgage or enforcement of a lien on real estate
  • Actions for false imprisonment, libel, slander, malicious prosecution, criminal conversation, or seduction
  • Actions against an executor or administrator as such

Source: Revised Code of Washington Chapter 3.66.030

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If you have any questions, please refer Columbia County's local rules or the Washington Courts website.