The Recorder's office is similar to a library. We are the custodians of over 350 types of documents, and we record and provide access to them. We also answer basic questions about how to find documents and assist people in doing so.

Recording Process

Recording a document serves to give public notice of the document's subject matter. Once recorded, a document becomes part of the official records of Columbia County and is considered permanent record that cannot be unrecorded.

We do not interpret documents or check the documents for accuracy (other than compliance with the Revised Code of Washington concerning formatting).

Preserving Public Records

Since 1864, the Recorder's office has maintained a record of all real estate transactions, marriage records, and other documents submitted for public record. Over the years, the method of recording these documents has evolved from a system of manual transcription in ledger books to digitally scanning and indexing the documents presented for recording. The task of issuing marriage licenses also falls to the Recording Department.

Restrictive Covenant Modification

Procedure for Modification of Restrictive Covenant (PDF)

For More Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the recorder's office at (509) 382-4541.