Schedule of Fees



Effective July 23, 2023

Standard Fee:

First Page    $  203.50
Each Additional Page       $       1.00

Exceptions:  Assignment of Deed of Trust, Resignation & Appointment of Successor Trustee, Appointment of Trustee and Substitution of Trustee, Wage Liens & Releases, Water-Sewer District Liens & Releases, State, County & City Liens & Releases:

1st Page$    18.00
Each Additional Page  $      1.00


Federal Liens and Releases:

1st Page$   16.00


Deed of Trust:

1st Page$  204.50
Each Additional Page$       1.00
Non Standard Documents Carry a $50.00 fee in Addition to Normal Recording Fees.
Birth/Death Certificates (Non-Real Estate Related)$    18.00
Marriage Dissolution Decree (Non-Real Estate Related)$    18.00


Employment Security Documents:

1st Page$    15.00
Each Additional Page$       1.00


Report of Military Separation Document Fees are:

DD214No Fee
Request for Exemption from Public Disclosure$      7.00
Request for Disclosure of DischargeNo Fee
Revocation & Re-Designation of DischargeNo Fee
Request for Access/Copy of Exempt DischargeNo Fee


Multiple Transaction Documents will be:

1st Transaction (except above listed exceptions)$  203.50
Each Additional Transaction Title$  203.50
Each Additional Page$      1.00

UCC Filings (National Form Accepted):

1st Page$  203.50
Each Additional Page$      1.00
Multiple Transaction Filings (For each transaction)$  203.50
Termination Filings$  203.50


Plats – Surveys – Short Plats – Condo – BSP:

Plat 24"X36" 1st Page$  323.50
Surveys 18"X24" 1st Page$  308.50
Short Plat 18"X24" 1st Page$  323.50
Each Additional Page$      5.00
Land Corner RecordNo Fee

County Issued Licenses:

Marriage License$    36.00
Dance License (Fee set by BOCC on individual basis.)

Copy Requests and Miscellaneous Fees:

Certified Copy 1st Page$      3.00
Regular Copy 1st Page$       1.00
Each Additional Page$       1.00
Map Copy 1st Page$       5.00
Each Additional Page$       3.00
Search of Records (Per Hour - 1 Hour Minimum)$       8.00