Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


Columbia County Sheriff's Office will be recognized as one of the premiere law enforcement agencies in Washington State.


Our mission is to partner with the residents of Columbia County to provide quality, professional and responsive law enforcement services.


Columbia County Sheriff's Office wears a badge that is a 7-point star, built around an image of George Washington. Each point of the star represents one value that we hold in high esteem, as does the image of George Washington;

1. Service -

We are part of, and will serve our community to the best of our abilities.

2. Honor -

We will interact openly, respectfully, truthfully and ethically with each other and our community.

3. Integrity -

We will consistently choose the path of honesty and high ethical standards.

4. Respect -

We respect life, constitutional safeguards, the laws of Washington State and our democratic process.

5. Excellence -

We, both as an Office and as individuals, will strive for excellence in our interactions and investigations, no matter how big or small.

6. Courage -

We will demonstrate physical courage by placing ourselves in harm's way to protect our community. We will demonstrate moral courage by standing for what is right, regardless of who is or is not standing with us.

7. Discretion -

We will enforce the spirit of the law. We will be flexible in finding solutions to problems and use common sense, good judgment and compassion while solving those problems; keeping in mind what is best for the community.

8. Character (The image of George Washington) -

We will do the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, in difficult situations, despite pressure to do otherwise. 


To interact with the residents of Columbia County to provide a safe and secure environment by;

  1. Being responsive to the members of our community;
  2. Being proactive in our pursuit of criminals;
  3. Being thorough and detailed in every investigation, of every crime; 
  4. Providing each deputy the necessary training in order for them to excel in their job;
  5. Maintaining a professional and courteous attitude towards the public;
  6. Enlisting the public's help to identify and solve crime in the community.