Access to Court Records

The Clerk offers two options for electronic access to select publicly available court records.

*Infrequent / One-Time User

If you are an infrequent user or have a one-time need to access court records, access through the Washington State Digital Archives is available.

State Digital Archives Information

In partnership with the Washington State Digital Archives, the Clerk offers electronic access to select publicly available court records.

Available Records


Criminal (adult and juvenile)



Unavailable electronic records include statutorily confidential, court ordered sealed, and otherwise restricted by state and/or local court rule. Please see the Access to Court Records Brochure for further information.

Access to Court Records Brochure (PDF)


Copies of documents filed in Columbia County Superior Court cases may be obtained from the Clerk of the Superior Court through the Digital Archives.

Non-certified copies are available at $0.25 per page, with a $1 Digital Archives service charge per document. Example: The cost of a two-page document would be $1.50.

Certified copies are available at $5 for the first page and $1 each additional page, with a $1 Digital Archives service charge per document. Example: the cost of a five-page document would be $10.00. After payment through the Digital Archives, certified copy orders will be forwarded to the Clerk for preparation and mailing.

State Digital Archives Search Tips

For best search results, it is recommended that you have your Superior Court case number prior to entering the Digital Archives website.

Go to Washington State Archives

Enter case number using the following format (12-2-000011-7) and click search.

Scroll to case number desired

Click on document you want to view

Results show index info

On the right click on the Image

Results will show top 1/3 of document. If you would like to purchase the document, click the back arrow and click "Add to my shopping cart". Follow the rest of the prompts to purchase document.

*Frequent User

If you are a frequent user of court records, a subscription to the Clerk's electronic court records management system; Odyssey Portal option is available.

Columbia County Clerk Portal Registration

By completing the below process, you will have access to publicly accessible records in Columbia County Superior Court. These records include Criminal, Civil, Domestic, Probate/Guardianship, and Juvenile Offenders. Additionally, elevated access allowing access to confidential court records is available to attorneys of record as long as there is a Notice of Appearance filed in each case. How to Apply 

  • The head of the firm/agency or individual must complete and sign the Master Registration Form and the original needs to be mailed/delivered to the Columbia County Clerk's Office.
  • Each user who intends to use the Odyssey Portal, or the information obtained from the Odyssey Portal, must be identified on the Master Registration Form.
  • Each user who intends to use the Odyssey Portal, will need to review and sign the Subscription Agreement. An original Subscription Agreement must be mailed/delivered to the Clerk's Office with the Registration form.
  • The annual fee must be paid with the Registration form.
  • Submit the forms to:

Kriston Chapman
Columbia County Clerk
341 E Main Street Suite 2
Dayton, WA 99328

Annual Fee

The annual subscription fee for remote, electronic access to Columbia County Superior Court documents will be based on a tiered pricing structure and will be specifically tied to the individual or size of the office/firm. The annual subscription fee is a "per county" fee and covers each and all employees/individuals employed by the organization/company. Annual fee will be due the yearly on the 1st of the month following initial application date. i.e. Applied May 16, 2016 next annual fee due June 1, 2017.

Company size & Annual fee

1 to 3 employees $100
4 to 6 employees $250
7 to 10 employees$500
More than 10 employees $600

Absent federal, state or local authority, this fee structure applies to all agencies including government agencies.

Please allow two weeks for your access to be processed. If your access is approved you will receive an email with a link to setup a password. Your user name is the email address you supplied on the Registration Form.

Odyssey Subscription Agreement (PDF)

Odyssey Portal Master Registration (PDF)

Odyssey Portal Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)

Odyssey Portal Modify Registration (PDF)

Ordinance ORD2018-05

*Odyssey Portal User Guide (PDF)