City of Dayton Comprehensive Plan Info

Latest Happenings

The mandated 60-day review period has ended.

Next step: the final draft will be presented to the Dayton Planning Commission at the August meeting, with the request to schedule and hold a public hearing at the September meeting of the Dayton Planning Commission. Pending a recommendation to City Council, the final draft is intended to reach City Council in October.

Final materials:

Staff Report (PDF)
Final Draft Dayton Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Read the City of Dayton Public Participation Plan (PDF).

To receive notifications on the Comprehensive Plan update process please email Meagan Bailey or call the Planning Department at 382-4676 and ask to be included on the Comprehensive Plan mailing list.

Stay up-to-date with Planning Commission agendas and minutes by visiting the Planning Commission page.

Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Recognizing the importance of planning, the Columbia County Board of Commissioners opted into the state's Growth Management Act (GMA) in 1991. The GMA requires the City to address several aspects of planning, including adopting and revising a Comprehensive Plan.

The current City of Dayton Comprehensive Plan (PDF) was originally approved in 2008 and updated in 2015.

With change inevitable, the Comprehensive Plan enables the community to anticipate and deal constructively with changes occurring within the City. The plan is a vehicle through which citizens and officials can express their goals for the future of the City.

Some recent developments that already have impacted or will impact the City in the future include:

Final Dayton Docket List (PDF)
Dayton Public Participation Plan (PDF)
City of Dayton Open House (PDF)

Taking a look back at the past can be both fun and enlightening. We've provided the results of a 1973 Developmental Survey for the City of Dayton.

1973 Developmental Survey - Dayton Results (PDF)
1973 Developmental Survey - Dayton/Starbuck/Columbia County Combined Results (PDF)