Floodplain & Flooding

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Re-Entering Your Home

  • Return home only when local officials say it is safe to do so.
  • Before entering, check for structural damage. Contact the Planning & Building Department at 509-382-4676 for a safety assessment.
  • Turn off any outside gas lines at the meter or tank and let the house air. Do not strike a match as there may have been a gas leak.
  • Be careful about turning on the power again. Watch for electrical shorts and live wires. Do not use water-damaged appliances.
  • Document your flood losses and contact your insurance agent for flood loss claims.
  • Dry your house slowly. Carpets and drywall may have to be removed. Water may be trapped between walls and will not dry.
  • Building permits are required but fees may be waived during a flood emergency.
  • Document damage and start clean-up. Learn more by visiting the Floodsmart Document Damage page.
  • Start a claim. Immediately report your claim to your insurance agent or carrier. Learn more by visiting the Floodsmart page.

Contacts by Jurisdiction

Columbia County

Dena Martin, Planning Manager
Email Dena Martin
Clint Atteberry, Building Official
Email Clint Atteberry
Columbia County Planning and Building
114 S 2nd Street
Dayton, WA 99328

City of Dayton

Deb Hays, City Clerk
Email Deb Hays
Dayton City Hall
111 S. 1st Street
Dayton, WA 99328

City of Waitsburg

Randy Hinchliffe, City Administrator
Email Randy Hinchcliffe
Brittany Zuger, Administrative Assistant
Email Brittany Zuger
Waitsburg City Hall
147 Main Street
Waitsburg, WA 99361

Town of Starbuck

Skip Russell, City Administrator
Email the Town of Starbuck
Starbuck Town Hall
Starbuck, WA 99359